Free programming software for various of the MicroChip PIC series of micro-controllers by Nigel Goodwin.

Supported Chips

Following a suggestion in the support forums, here's a list of the chips currently supported by WinPicProg, items preceded by an asterisk are in the process of being added, and are supported in the latest 'beta' version available via a link in the Announcements section of the support forum.

12C508 12C509 12C671 12C672 12F629
12F675 16C505 *16C621A *16C622A *16C745
16C84 16F627 *16F627A 16F628 *16F628A
*16F630 *16F648A *16F676 *16F73 *16F74
*16F76 *16F77 *16F818 *16F819 16F83
16F84 16F84A 16F872 16F873 *16F873A
16F874 *16F874A 16F876 *16F876A 16F877
*16F877A *18F242 *18F248 *18F252 *18F258
*18F442 *18F448 *18F452 *18F458  

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